Breaking Blue runner-up for global award of ‘Best Place to Work’ by WIRe

London, 12th September 2019 – Breaking Blue was thrilled to have taken the runner-up spot at the global award Best Place to Work 2019 by Women in Research (WIRe). The award celebrates and raises awareness of companies promoting diversity and well-being of their female employees internationally. The news comes just a few months after having been recognised as one the 100 Best Companies to Work For by the Sunday Times.

In light of the win Breaking Blue’s MD Kate Anderson commented:

“Our people at BB are what makes delivering unique insight possible in order to help our clients move their businesses forward. We put a lot of work into ensuring our company culture provides equal opportunity to team members from all walks of life, and keeps them happy and healthy so that they can deliver fresh thinking with energy and enthusiasm. We’re delighted to have this award recognise that effort and will keep on striving to make sure we maintain this culture – who knows maybe we’ll make 1st place in 2020!”

Cello Health’s CEO Jane Shirley added:

Its great to have this public endorsement of all the work that has gone into making Breaking Blue such a positive, caring and inclusive Company in which the team know their efforts are recognised and valued”

Pictured, Marketing Manager Emanuela Lombardi and Research Consultant Ruva Mankola at the award ceremony at the ESOMAR Congress 2019 in Edinburgh.

From training to wellbeing, find out what makes BB such a great place to work.