Art Institute of Chicago: A market segmentation

Our work with the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC), one of the US’s leading art museums led to a fundamental and informed restructure of their marketing comms strategy, around clearly identified and customer segments.

The challenge

AIC were concerned they weren’t communicating the right messages to the right people, so were missing out on opportunities to grow visits, and corresponding revenues, from their local catchment area.

The Breaking Blue solution

Our consumer research team provided a relevant and practical market segmentation of their data, using this to identify clear priority groups in the local population who showed potential to visit more frequently. We presented a visual and intuitive market segmentation of their demographics, lifestyle, cultural behaviour and needs.


They used this practical market segmentation to target the right customer groups with the most appropriate messages, stimulating increased engagement and Institute visits.
The AIC described our work as “remarkably professional, insightful, and the end product is precisely what we might have hoped it would be”.

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