Tracking brand performance among B2B customers

We helped a technology industry leader  measure and track brand performance among business decision-makers across Europe

The challenge

Our client wanted to take a longitudinal measure of customer satisfaction and vital brand metrics, among business decision-makers right across Europe. The business needed to understand their brand image as a B2B solutions provider, both against the broader business landscape, and with a focus on specific industry verticals and customer segments.

Our solution

We designed a B2B customer satisfaction programme, which tracked not only satisfaction KPIs, but important emotional metrics such as trust, brand associations and perceptions on a monthly basis. We also provided regular deep-dive analysis to forensically examine the brand’s performance within specific parts of the market.

The outcome

The programme allowed our client’s  team  to monitor brand perceptions among business customers, measure market reactions to comms activities and campaigns, and to fine-tune and differentiate its brand image as a result.

Our insights also enabled our client to identify key opportunities for retaining switchers in a competitive market, as well as opportunities for cross-selling.

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