Brand positioning development for a B2B events brand

Our client, a leading global provider of B2B events, needed to validate a new branding concept before launch

The challenge

A leading global provider of B2B events had prepared a range of new branding concepts, with the aim of repositioning a major annual conference for the travel and tourism industry.  They needed our help to validate and refine the new branding concept before it was launched.

Our solution

Our client’s customer base and target audience is truly global and we used a semi-structured telephone survey of 100 customers and prospects in key regions around the world.  During the interview we were able to share examples of the new creative material on screen and probe respondents on their likes, dislikes and how it made them feel about the brand and event.  Throughout the project we worked closely with our client and the branding agency to ensure key messages relating to the new concepts were tested thoroughly.

The outcome

We collated our findings and recommendations in a highly visual report, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of the creative material and messaging. Through a workshop with the client marketing team and the branding agency, we outlined our recommendations for refining the branding concept.  Since then, the client has taken on a refined brand positioning and is using this for all events going forward.

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