Creating customer closeness for a petrochemical specialist

Customer closeness that makes a difference. Driving growth for a specialist manufacturer

The challenge

We work with a leading global petrochemical specialist, who realised they needed to improve their customer service proposition. They had run a customer satisfaction study for many years. While this survey was rich in data, they lacked it was lacking in diagnostics. The business needed much more actionable customer closeness insights, to retain its position as the brand of choice.

Our solution

Our B2B research team surveyed the client’s key fuel additive and lubricant accounts worldwide: from Brazil to China, and from passenger cars to heavy-duty shipping. Though a programme of customer closeness interviews, they benchmarked the client’s customer service performance versus its competitors.

Our research programme delivered both the scores critical to the management process, and the in-depth diagnostics that would enable us to formulate a targeted action plan. We also achieved 90% response rates, far higher than industry norms. The higher level of engagement meant we could deliver a much more powerful understanding of the client’s customers than they had ever had before.

The outcome

The customer closeness research delivered a deep understanding of OEMS’ needs from additive companies, looking at what they value, want and need at every stage in the customer relationship. The client is now reviewing its product portfolio focus and key account management processes, to ensure that it’s better aligned to meet customer needs. Our B2B research team can engage with stakeholders the world over, extracting the insights that matter, presenting them in a compelling matter and embedding learning among senior managers.

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