Deep-diving into the flagship store environment to grasp its impact

Improving the customer journey for a well-known clothing retailer to improve customer satisfaction and optimise opportunities for sales growth.

The challenge

We’ve worked for several years with a well-known clothing and homeware retailer who have stores in the US and Europe. Here, they needed practical recommendations for optimising a new flagship store environment. Their ultimate objective was to positively impact customer experience, shopping behaviour and brand perceptions: which elements of the in-store experience were working well, and how could they be put to use across other parts of the estate?

Our solution

We spent several days ‘on the ground’ in and around the client’s flagship UK store, carrying out detailed shopper observations, intercept interviews, and depth interviews with store designers and sales colleagues on the shop floor.

We built a rich, nuanced view of the in-store experience, both unpacking specific features and their influence, and reflecting the holistic experience of shopping there.

The outcome

We helped the client to understand the effects of the flagship store’s environment and features on shopping behaviours and brand perceptions. Our insights gave them a clear direction for further improvements to the in-store experience, and for features to roll out across the wider estate.

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