Developing and refining a new digital investment proposition

The challenge

Our client had created a new digital service proposition, which helps people who lack the time, will or skill to invest, to make good financial decisions with confidence. They needed to understand German investors’ digital behaviours, in order to explore the appeal of the proposition with them, and subsequently to test creative materials that would be used at product launch.

Our solution

We created screening criteria to reflect the key Experian MOSAIC target segments, and recruited potential investors who met our further criteria, including saving towards specific long-term goals. We then conducted a programme of depth interviews across three cities in Germany. We tested a range of stimulus and messaging, before digging deeper to test a more technical explanation of the service, its brand values, and positioning relative to other fintech brands. This was especially challenging, given the complex nature of the service in development, and the need to communicate it in a compliant way to consumers unfamiliar with some of the key concepts.

The outcome

We captured investors’ views not just about the proposition and how to communicate it, but also their assumptions about how the service would work, how they would expect to use it, and the relationship they anticipated having with the brand.

The client used our insights to refine the proposition and maximise its appeal to its global customer base: we completed a follow-up study testing creative materials among the same audience in Germany, and another to refine the service execution in the UK. We’re very excited about the upcoming launch!

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