Developing compelling feminine care products and communication

We work with clients across the consumer healthcare spectrum to help them to understand needs, develop new products and optimise their ranges.

The challenge

A leading consumer healthcare player specialising in feminine care came to us when they needed to identify NPD opportunities and the scope for product innovation. They wanted to carry out consumer research to engage with women in a really meaningful and useful way, and build a new kind of understanding of needs and experiences during periods.

Our solution

We created an online space for women to discuss period-related healthcare and wellbeing needs and experiences, encouraging them to document situations and emotions through film, discussing their feelings and showing us their ‘comfort kits.’ The intimate and personal view that we built up was then developed through consumer workshops, where we were able to observe themes and differences, as well as discussing emerging territories. We used our learnings to develop typologies, highlighting women’s different needs and expectations.

The outcome

Our client gained genuinely fresh consumer health insights, and a new understanding of the customer, their needs and how to communicate with them in a compelling and relevant way.

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