Developing knowledge for a wholesale supplier to the takeaway market

Clients come to us because we are able to combine our expertise in both B2B research and consumer research: often helping manufacturers to demonstrate their knowledge of the end consumer, in evolving marketplaces and complex supply chains.

The challenge

Our client, a wholesale supplier of ethnic foods to restaurants and takeaways (RTAs), wanted to understand the end consumer’s motivations, decision-making and need states in an evolving marketplace. Their ultimate goal was to become a more effective business partner for their business customers: not simply a supplier.

The Breaking Blue solution

Our consumer research team designed and delivered a comprehensive and multi-channel programme of qualitative research: an online diary, ‘dining mission’ and focus groups with consumers. We substantiated our learnings in an online survey, identifying under-penetrated dining occasions and mapping consumers’ need states to indicate further opportunities. We delivered our debrief via a workshop session with key stakeholders to discuss findings and their implications.


We were able to give our client an understanding of the motivations for eating out/ takeaways and for trying something new, enabling them to exploit changing dining trends using the right channels and media to reach their target markets.

These insights have been key to the foundation of a revised strategy, and the client have told us they are now significantly better placed to target incremental occasions and drive profits.

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