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The challenge

Our client needed to understand the core reasons for use or non-use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) solutions, and further opportunities for vaping products within this market.  The research needed to inform category strategy and the development of educational and support materials.

Our solution

We needed an approach that would deliver true understanding usage and attitudes, channel use and the purchase decision journey.  We used online diaries and focus groups to get up-close with behaviours, lifestyle and motivations around how smokers who are giving up really think, feel and act by capturing ethnographic, ‘in the moment ’ feedback as it happened.

The outcome

The research mapped the journey of those quitting or cutting down on their smoking habit, and their emotional experiences along the way.  Using pen portraits we highlighted the types of support material and health information people use, and in-depth perceptions of the product choices available to support them.  We also identified clear opportunities for new consumer health product development and the best channels to launch them, as well as the best ways to support the people using them.

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