Identifying growth opportunities in automotive packaging

Understanding the market to drive a successful expansion across new regions

The  challenge

A leading provider of packaging solutions to the automotive manufacturing sector needed to understand market opportunities, in order to deliver business growth. Our global capabilities and familiarity with complex international supply chains meant we were perfectly positioned to help.

The Breaking Blue solution

Through a semi-structured survey of decision-makers at tier 1 manufacturing plants and HQs across Europe, we built up a clear picture of packaging behaviours and needs, and ultimately of opportunities available to the client.
We also critically reviewed our client’s value proposition by assessing how well-aligned it was to customers’ needs and values. Putting these things together allowed us to analyse and identify the strongest market opportunities.

The outcome

We highlighted the new products and services that the client would be able to develop, identifying market opportunities with greatest scope to drive business growth. We also helped the client to enhance marketing messages, ensuring products and services were positioned as solutions to customers’ most pressing needs.
The client has incorporated all our recommendations into its marketing strategy.

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