Driving innovation and NPD in cold and flu relief

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The challenge

To inform its NPD strategy and innovation pipeline, our client needed to understand more about the cold and flu experience – in particular, how the consumer health journey differs between daytime and night time.

Our solution

We recruited consumers in the UK, Russia and Italy who were just beginning to experience cold and flu symptoms. Rather than relying on people’s memories of a multi-stage journey once they’d recovered, we enabled them to share their experience in real time, using an online qualitative platform that they could log into at any time of the day or night.

We honed the insights we’d uncovered in workshops with the same consumers, fine-tuning our learnings and working together to co-create concepts for new products. We discovered some specific and interesting ‘gaps’ in the night-time journey, and the client decided to focus their innovation and NPD planning in that area.

The outcome

The research has provided a vital steer to the client’s NPD strategy. They have been able to develop a number of consumer health concepts specifically aimed at providing night-time relief for cold and flu, and to test them very successfully in subsequent quantitative research.

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