Engaging with vulnerable customers

We get close to less-seen and seldom-heard sections of society, and articulate their needs effectively – making us an invaluable research partner.

The challenge

How do you improve the customer experience for a large customer group if you know little about their needs, challenges or lifestyle? Our challenge was to fill in these gaps in understanding.

Our solution

We carried out a large-scale programme of in-home depth interviews and focus groups with customers with a range of vulnerabilities, including those with physical and mental health problems; sensory and mobility impairments; the elderly; those on very low incomes, and individuals with low literacy and learning difficulties.

The content and style of each interview was driven by the specific circumstances, needs and priorities of the individual customer, enabling us to capture rich ethnographic detail. Photo and video footage gave our client direct access to the experiences and perceptions of a seldom-heard group.

The outcome

Our deliverables communicated 360˚ understanding of this customer group. A highlight was the standalone video documentary we produced, which introduced the research to stakeholders throughout the client organisation. The business is now using our recommendations to develop communications, products and services to serve their vulnerable customers specifically.

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