Ensuring that messages resonate with a target audience

Getting the message right is vital for engaging with your target audience. People respond differently to messages and Fairtrade wanted to find the best way to communicate in order to build an emotional connection with Fairtrade.

The challenge
Fairtrade wanted to understand how engagement differs for their different audiences to guide brand positioning and communications.

Our solution
By conducting a series of online diary tasks, focus groups, and shopper journeys, we were able to test messages encouraging more people to buy Fairtrade products and support Fairtrade in other ways. We looked at what messages are the most motivating for both choosing Fairtrade products and supporting Fairtrade beyond just buying the products.  This involved analysing competitor communications and potential messages from Fairtrade.

The outcome
We analysed the results using our knowledge of Regulatory Focus Theory. We found out that some people are naturally more prevention focused while others are naturally more promotion focused.
Those who are prevention focused preferred messages around how hard life is for Farmers without Fairtrade. Promotion focused people preferred messages that spoke of all the benefits that Fairtrade can bring to a community.

We were able to advise Fairtrade to have two focuses in their messaging: one highlighting hardship without Fairtrade – another promoting its benefits.

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