Evaluation of a training programme for senior leaders

The  challenge

NHS Leadership Academy recently launched the Director Programme, a year-long training programme targeted at senior level executive leaders looking to develop their leadership skills. Our social and b2b research team conducted a robust research evaluation in order to establish the success of the programme, particularly in terms of its long-running impact, and explore possible areas of improvement.

The Breaking Blue solution

Participants on the Director Programme undertake a range of activities over the course of a year. Our research team therefore employed a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods across the lifecycle of the programme to capture feedback at key stages. Those who took part in residential activities were sent a follow-up online survey to explore their experience of this aspect of the programme. In addition, more in-depth qualitative interviews were undertaken with participants once they had completed the programme, focussing on the key elements in detail and to explore its wider impact.


Our social and b2b research team provided an in-depth analysis of the programme’s strengths, weaknesses and areas of focus. In particular, Breaking Blue’s recommendations related to refining specific learning activities and improving ongoing engagement with programme participants once the programme has been completed. NHS Leadership Academy is using the research to inform the development of the Director Programme going forward.

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