Focusing a logistics service portfolio on customer needs

Our client planned to exchange its one-size-fits-all service offer with products tailored to individual customer segments – but needed to know how.

The challenge

Our client, a leading global logistics provider, was seeking to increase market share by developing a range of document services. These would serve the needs of different customer types in the UK, and replace the client’s previous one-size-fits-all offering with a tailored portfolio of options.

Our solution

The first stage of the research comprised 300 face-to-face interviews. We used SIMALTO Plus trade-off techniques in the interviews, and cluster analysis techniques once we had the complete dataset, to develop robust customer segments based on service and product needs. We provided a ‘best fit’ service specification for each customer segment, and, by linking the research to existing market size data, developed revenue forecasts for each segment. By conducting follow-up depth interviews, we also gained a detailed understanding of each segment’s attitudes. One of our key deliverables was a key question set that later allowed telesales staff to allocate all key accounts to the correct segment.

The outcome

Our client was able to tailor a new suite of services to specific customer segments, maximising the opportunity to grow its business within these target markets.

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