From chefs to menus, our strategic work informs the global dining experience

Positioning a brand portfolio to balance global consistency with local execution.

The challenge

As it enters new markets and grows its brands to maximum potential in existing ones, DineEquity need to understand more about customer and franchisee needs, and want guidance in positioning global brands like iHOP and Applebee’s for local audiences.

Our solution

We’ve delivered numerous projects, incorporating everything from in-restaurant focus groups and dine-alongs to in-situ observation, semiotics, and menu analysis. Combining methods like these gives us the deepest understanding, and allows us to shape strategic direction with confidence.

Crucially, we rarely focus on the customer alone. An essential part of our research for this client is the ongoing conversation we have with their managers, staff and chefs.

So, as well as understanding of diners’ needs and perceptions, we help the client to understand the franchisee’s perspective, ensuring their views are included for when the C-suite defines global strategy.

The outcome

Working closely with the client’s strategic marketing team and their partners, we’ve co-created actions and materials to execute a brand strategy based on the insights. This has been presented at DE’s global conferences, internal workshops and C-suite strategy meetings.

In geographies from Chile to Thailand, India and Western Europe, we’ve helped the client to position its brands to fit with local cultures and habits and overcome particular challenges – while keeping key elements consistent.

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