Global segmentation to develop a value-based sales strategy

Understanding and planning growth in key target geographies

The challenge

We helped a leading supplier of specialist chemicals understand the opportunity for growth in their specialist and premium animal feed categories. While the client has a strong presence in Europe, they are keen to expand within the Americas and APAC. They knew very little about the decision-making process or the competitive environment in these regions.

Our solution

We worked closely with their business unit through a workshop-based knowledge harvest, building a full understanding of their hypotheses, and the key challenges faced by their sales team. We then delivered a global study, targeting animal feed and pre-mix manufacturers across Europe, the Americas, APAC and South Africa. This involved in-depth discussions with technical directors, nutritionists, plant managers and other senior decision-makers, to explore current purchasing behaviour, future needs and, critically, what is influencing these things.

The outcome

We used the findings to develop a detailed market segmentation, and built on this by outlining the customer types who were most likely to be open to speciality products, based on their needs and geographies. Our segmentation is now at the heart of the client’s strategic growth plan.

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