Guiding product innovation for a household name in consumer health

The challenge

Our client was considering whether to launch its best-known antacid in a new and innovative format. Before making a go/ no-go decision, the team needed to understand more about the new format’s appeal, and about the effect that this product innovation could have on consumers’ wider perceptions of its brand.

Our solution

Through a programme of qualitative focus groups, we explored consumer responses to the new product concept, and the various packaging routes and names that the client was considering. We also carried out taste testing of the current product, making careful comparisons with a prototype of the new one.

We drew on a range of projective techniques to unpack consumers’ deeper beliefs about the existing and new formats, and to explore the decision-making processes they made when choosing between them.

The outcome

We gave our client conclusive direction about how to move forward, via:

  • Exploration of consumer health behaviour and brand perceptions
  • Assessment of overall appeal of the new antacid product, and likelihood to trade up to it
  • Assessment of propensity to drive switching from competitor brands
  • A genuine understanding of communication requirements and challenges for the new format

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