Helping O2 to be more customer-centric

In recent years O2 have swept the industry awards board for their network coverage and customer service satisfaction. But they’re constantly working to make their network faster, stronger, smarter, and  as customer-centric as possible.

The challenge

O2’s Network and Communications Experience team wanted their engineers to think beyond rational metrics like ‘availability,’ in their work. Who are the real-life customers depending on the network? What’s really important to them, and what are the implications of good and bad network experiences?

Our solution

We worked in partnership with the O2 Network and Insight teams, plus their events management partner Firehouse, to bring 60 engineers face-to-face with 6 key customer types for a day. Through week-long ‘network diaries’ documenting their experiences, and a programme of expertly moderated customer closeness sessions at a creative space in Manchester, we brought crucial network user personas to life, helping the technical teams to use ‘human’ experiences as the foundation for measurable, actionable goals.

The outcome

The network team have introduced an extra dimension of customer-centricity to the way they work – going straight from the event to resolve a network issue overnight, after understanding its consequences for customers.

You were all so easy to work with from beginning to end; totally professional and a huge amount of fun. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did, even accommodating all my random 4am thoughts and last minute requests!

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