Helping Soreen to increase brand appeal

How can a much-loved product boost appeal by innovating, while staying true to loyal buyers?

The challenge

Soreen faced a turning point, and needed to find a balance between driving individually wrapped product sales to attract younger consumers, while protecting the core loaf-based business.

Our solution

After reviewing the client’s existing insights to identify knowledge gaps, we designed a programme of supergroups with loyalists and non-buyers. Before coming along to the group sessions, participants completed an online pre-task that helped us understand the role of Soreen in the household, and a ‘commando mission’ where they tried a Soreen product they wouldn’t usually buy, and reported back. The groups themselves included projective techniques, product mapping, and taste-testing new products.

We followed the qualitative phase with an online survey, using the data to segment both current and non-buyers by their needs and behaviours.

The outcome

We gave the Soreen team detailed insights into product buying and consumption. These included the role of the range, specific parts that were attracting new customers or cannibalising the existing one, and barriers to trial. This new knowledge underpinned our recommendations for positioning the range’s comms (and comms channels), merchandising, promotions and pack design. Finally, we guided Soreen on innovations with the most potential to move the brand away from the traditional loaf format – without losing loyal customers.

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