Identifying market opportunities for a global medical product innovator

The challenge

A global medical products company came to us for insights to inform their future sales and marketing strategy They needed to understand more about supplies purchasing and decision-making trends in two key verticals: physio and podiatry. To maximise value, we designed a programme that also assessed market trends likely to impact on future opportunities in the market, and established perceptions of the client’s brand.

The solution

Our team carried out in-person interviews with podiatrists and physiotherapists across the UK, including both NHS and private clinicians. Through a programme of carefully designed qualitative interviews we built up a detailed picture of decision-making and influences on the purchase process. We were able to posit various potential scenarios for the future prescribing process, and also tested a new product concept among with both practitioner audiences.

The outcome

We delivered a clear understanding of how the brand was perceived in the market and where the best opportunities for growth in consumer health lay. Our client was able to move forward with confidence, putting together a future strategy that targeted the most effective sales channels, decision makers and influencers.

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