Improving the shopper experience to optimise sales

Using eye tracking to show a retail client what happens at the fixture

The challenge

A well-known retailer came to us with a need to understand what was happening at the fixture, how shoppers interacted with point of sales (POS) and the effect of the in-store environment as a whole. The client suspected the environment lacked clarity and harmonization, and that its POS was creating too much noise and ‘busyness,’ detracting from the shopper experience.

Our solution

We designed a programme of accompanied shopping trips, covering numerous key stores and a wide range of shopper types. These shopping trips built in specific product missions, which we eye-tracked, on order to see the in-store experience through shoppers’ eyes. Triangulating robust data from the eye tracking with rich qualitative detail from the interviews, we explored the elements that were and weren’t noticed, and could identify and discuss POS that wasn’t recalled, even when it was directly looked at! We maximised the time we spent in-store by carrying out staff interviews and shopper observations alongside the ASTs.

The outcome

Our key deliverable was a set of guiding principles for navigation, POS and packaging. Taking each stage of the in-store journey in turn, we summarised the key insights, actions the client needed to take, and the outcomes they should expect. Heat maps and gaze plots meant we could actually show how the POS was visually overwhelming shoppers, and negatively impacting the in-store experience.

This was the client’s first experience of biometric research, and they were delighted that it produced insight far beyond what they would have achieved through traditional methods alone.

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