Informing customer strategy for a global retailer

Clients in the retail sector come to us because of our extensive shopper insight experience along with our innovative approaches to engaging with their customers.

The challenge

Our client, a global retailer, wanted to understand what they needed to do in order to encourage more people not only to conduct an initial online shop, but to continue to shop this way.

The Breaking Blue solution

Our consumer research team were able to truly immerse ourselves in the lives of 45 shoppers, and understand the online grocery shopper journey holistically. We were able to capture their real-time, natural behaviours and emotions both in and out of home, at any time, over the course of 3 months. We also helped our client gather shopper insight to understand the paradox of ‘in the moment’ behaviours and emotions, compared to shoppers’ perceptions of their experiences in hindsight.


As a result of our shopper insight, our client has improved and tailored the online experience to help customers through their first online shop. They have initiated a relationship management programme to follow up with customers, and improved their initiated service training for product pickers, drivers, help desk staff and customer service assistants to deliver an enhanced customer journey at all contact points.

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