Insight to establish whether there is a business case for investment

Assessing market opportunity for a new specialist material

The challenge

A materials manufacturer asked us to review the market potential for a new line of sustainable oil absorbent products, designed to be used in manufacturing settings.  Excess capacity at one of their plants meant that they were keen to identify profitable opportunities to sell additional output.  The client had prepared proposals to start developing sustainable oil absorbent mats, but needed evidence to determine whether there was a business case for investment in the new product.

Our solution

Using a combination of secondary and primary research, we reviewed the market in Germany, Scandinavia and the UK. This involved speaking with key decision-makers across the value chain, including manufacturers, converters, resellers and end users. The research findings were very positive, demonstrating a significant gap in the market for the proposed product, and end users’ willingness to switch to sustainable solutions.

The outcome

We measured the size of the market and likely demand for sustainable oil absorbent products, as well as the potential margins on future sales. We presented a robust and engaging report, which the client team shared with investors alongside their business case.

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