International brand tracking for a high-street retailer

Helping an iconic fashion and homeware retailer to monitor brand health

The challenge

A global fashion and homeware retailer needed to monitor its brand health and the customer experience it delivered, as it expanded across the UK and into the US. Tracking customers’ purchase habits, attitudes and perceptions, as well as understanding online and in-store interactions, was central to its strategic planning.

Our solution

We designed an online survey, which we delivered in both the UK and the US multiple times each year. This allowed us to track progress over time, and to make season-by-season comparisons throughout the annual retail calendar.

Right from the start of our involvement, we maximised value for the client by identifying and suggesting changes to improve the quality of the research and the validity of the insights.

The outcome

When we’d delivered several successful waves of the UK study, the client extended the tracking study to cover the US, and has since commissioned several ad hoc studies in both markets.

Our work has helped this iconic retailer understand and monitor its customer relationship in two very different markets. We’re also proud of the significant improvements we’ve made to the relevance and actionability of the output, which now provides the Board with essential KPIs.

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