John Lewis – Understanding the Customer Journey

Illuminating the customer journey in the retail sector is one of our specialist categories. We partner organisations across all sectors to help them understand what really matters at the critical touch-points.

The challenge

Customer service is a critical differentiator. Our client, a major retailer, wanted to fundamentally review their IT section for maximum customer impact. They had to know what would make a difference and focus their resources for maximum effect.

The Breaking Blue solution

We tailored a research process to understand the customer journey, from awareness and research, through to product and retailer selection, and on to setting up and maintaining their PC when they get home. At each stage we identified where they could improve their offering.

We identified and analysed home/home-office IT usage, consumer understanding of technology, and their needs around education, servicing and support.


As a result of the rich insights our consumer research team provided the client optimised its service offering. In a market driven by competitive pricing the client was able to counter this pressure with targeted service enhancements adding real value through service excellence.

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