Leveraging emerging food trends to optimise a new meal solution kit

Our client wanted to redefine the meal solutions space and create a ‘safe adventure in cooking’ for Tesco shoppers

The challenge

Samworth Brothers and Tesco wanted to develop a new meal solution kit. Key to this kit would be that it was affordable but high quality and that it hit that sweet spot between cooking-from-scratch and a ready-meal. Before going down this path, they needed insight-grounded confidence that this solution and the range of cuisines, flavours and ingredients it presented would appeal to customers and that it would deliver the right benefits.

Our solution

Consumers throughout the UK completed a short pre-task, telling us about cuisines and products they shop for and why, and what they cook with them, as well as influential likes/ dislikes.

They then hosted us at home for a visit. We brought them different meal solution kits and cooked them together. We got their reactions at all points from first seeing the packaging, to cooking, and finally sampling it. This was real ethnography in action – we met their families, witnessed their cooking techniques and special touches, filming the whole experience.

We finished with a post-task where they cooked another kit we’d left with them and told us about it in a telephone interview.

The outcome

We provided the client with consumers’ rich, vivid and detailed understanding, including vital suggestions for refining the concept. The meal kits launched and are now being piloted in multiple Tesco stores. Feedback so far is positive and the kits have generated traction on social media.

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