Leveraging growth in emerging markets

We helped a leading provider of qualifications in the medical profession to identify opportunities for international growth.

The challenge

We recently helped a leading medical qualifications provider to identify opportunities for growth outside of the UK. Demand for their services from overseas had overtaken home-grown demand without any targeted marketing. The client now wanted to know the best way to capitalise on this.

Our solution

Through a programme of in-depth interviews with physicians who had undergone recent training in India, Malaysia and Sudan, we created a detailed understanding of brand awareness and perceptions, both for the client and other qualification providers in the same space. We also scoped this audience’s appetite for new services, and identified their preferred marketing channels.

In each country, we interviewed senior government stakeholders too, successfully identifying numerous strategic partnership opportunities for our client.

The outcome

The client is using our findings not only to shape its future marketing strategy, but to tailor it to target potential students, and to improve brand communications.

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