Driving growth by sizing market opportunity in the diesel market

Multi-nationals need to understand regional markets if they are to make the right strategic decisions. A global oil company with ambitious plans for the US west coast diesel market came to us to get clarity of the market opportunities and to complete a market sizing exercises, before finalizing and launching the strategy.

The challenge

Our client had plans to increase diesel production at one of its refineries by 400% over the next 5 years, however they had a weak understanding of the channel and market sizing. They were struggling to reach the right business decision-makers to make an informed decision on channel strategy for increasing diesel sales.

The Breaking Blue solution

Our B2B research team provided a robust market sizing model, detailing volume of diesel consumption by vehicle type and geographic region. We conducted 300 semi-structured telephone interviews with key decision-makers within logistics and transportation companies. We showed how diesel is purchased, how decisions are made and how brands are perceived.


Our findings challenged our client’s hypothesis of the channel mix, developing a growth strategy focused on the market opportunities outlined in our research findings. Our B2B research team also made strong (and subsequently adopted) recommendations on realigning where the outlets they use to sell their diesel.

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