Maximising impact for a major logistics brand

Identifying the most powerful headlines, copy and imagery to use in global advertising campaigns

The challenge

We’ve been a key partner to this major global shipping company for many years. They come to us when they need to identify the print advertising, executions and assets that will most effectively drive up brand awareness and promote new services and routes.

Our solution

We design and convene focus groups with the target audiences in whichever market is in play.

First, we explore spontaneous meanings and values for the client’s brand and those of their main competitors. Once we’ve exposed the creatives, we test them rigorously. For example, we’ll see what the group can recall from a brief look, before moving on to an in-depth critique of each execution individually. By the end of the session, we’ve identified the preferred creative, and have a full, rich understanding of what’s driving that preference and how it could be even more powerful.

The outcome

We tell the whole story in a succinct but detailed way: not just the ‘winning’ creative, but the elements that are successful, and how the most effective components could be combined to create an even better execution. Our client has based many advertising campaigns on our recommendations, and returns to us on an ongoing basis.

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