Tracking employee engagement in the public sector

Tracking staff wellbeing and employee engagement to shape HR strategy

The challenge

We work with a large government office to understand and track job satisfaction, staff wellbeing, and employee engagement across a range of topics. The insights we provide are compared to the wider benchmark of the Civil Service People Survey.

Our solution

We collect the results using an online staff survey and our bespoke reporting outputs help generate key insights for staff audiences throughout the UK, including the senior leadership team and diversity teams.

In addition to our reports, presentations and short video animation to summarise findings, we have set up a self-service analysis tool, allowing teams to explore the employee engagement data themselves in a user-friendly way. Since taking over the survey, we’ve made a number of notable improvements to the research design, while ensuring consistency in the overall approach.

The outcome

The research outputs are well-received both by the leadership team and the client’s wider staff. We deliver face-to-face presentations to different teams at their offices and we’ve also trained staff on using the online reporting tool. Our client has greater ownership of their data, and better insight into employee engagement than ever before.

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