Multi-market NPD for a consumer health product

We helped a well-known weight loss brand to launch a range of snacking products.

The challenge

The client came to us at the start of an NPD project, seeking help identifying dieters’ specific needs, and understanding how they differed between markets that were key to its innovation strategy: the UK, US and Spain. They needed to explore different dieters’ responses to NPD prototypes in terms of flavour, texture and size, and ultimately tailor its portfolio for optimal impact in each country, based on market-opportunity analysis.

Our solution

5 days before the focus groups, we placed the client’s NPD prototypes with consumers who considered themselves overweight, in cities in the US, UK and Spain. They documented their use of the snacks in real-time, in the context of day-to-day life and their snacking moments in diaries. They then came together in together to focus groups to guide the product innovation process by reflecting on their experiences.

The outcome

We gave the client a clear view on which products would do best in each market and how to communicate the benefits to dieters most effectively. We developed our in-depth understanding of the weight loss emotional landscape by highlighting different needs and motivations for dieters across cultures and age groups, and pin-pointing the strongest NPD opportunities for the brand.

The client went on to pilot new snack foods in two of these markets, using our insights as their toolkit in positioning and messaging the trial products.

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