Naming architecture research to maximise sales

We helped a major tech brand to clarify its naming architecture, driving up sales as a direct consequence

The challenge

This client is one of the best-known global brands in tech, and one of its solutions is defence-grade platform and application security for smartphones and tablets. The solution is aimed primarily at business users. The existing naming architecture was confusing, and lack of understanding was limiting consideration and sales. The client team commissioned Breaking Blue to identify a new naming architecture and convention.

Our solution

We conducted a two-stage study, across four markets (UK, France, US and Germany) that began with qualitative insights to identify key themes and considerations around naming architecture. First, we carried out a programme of face-to-face and video-based depth interviews undertaken with purchase decision-makers for telecoms equipment. The video deliverables we later produced added colour to the findings, and helped to effectively embed the research across the client team.

The findings fed into a quantitative survey, which gave us an accurate read on reactions and KPIs for a range of different naming options.

The outcome

Our recommendations for a new naming architecture enabled the client to maximise comprehension and this in turn led to increased consideration and sales. We delivered exactly the outcome the client needed.

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