Brand tracking to understand employer behaviour in the pensions sector

The  challenge

NEST is a pension provider, with a public service obligation to accept any employer that chooses to use it for auto-enrolment. They are set to become one of the UK’s largest providers by 2018; yet before 2012 they had no customers at all. NEST needed the insight to understand their diverse and changing target market.

The Breaking Blue solution

Our brand tracking research consisted of several elements:

The Employer Tracker helped NEST understand the behaviour of employers that currently offer a pension, as well as predicting what will happen in the coming years as all SMEs automatically enrol their employees
The Intermediary Tracker monitors the automatic enrolment landscape from the perspective of the IFAs, accountants and payroll providers who will be advising small firms on auto-enrolment
The Consumer Tracker helped NEST to target its product to its members and to those who will soon be starting to save for retirement


The findings of our brand tracking research was pivotal in underpinning NEST’s respected annual thought leadership report, NEST Insight:,pdf.pdf

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