Measuring employee engagement among healthcare workers

We work with clients across a number of different sectors to better understand the views, motivations and frustrations of their employees. This allows them to improve morale, retain valued staff and increase productivity.

The challenge

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) employs over 2,000 staff at sites across the country. We worked with them on two distinct studies to explore staff engagement levels, understanding the experiences and views of a range of staff in order to help NHSBSA to improve the working environment.

Our solution

We designed a mixed-method study that combined online and postal questionnaires to explore employee views of working life, management relationships and career development. We then worked with the merged data to carry out key driver analysis, successfully identifying the factors most likely to impact on staff engagement, and where the client was failing to meet employee expectations.

The outcome

The NHSBSA went on to use the findings to implement a range of initiatives. They also introduced a new corporate communications strategy, which delivered against specific actions designed to improve staff engagement with customer service delivery.

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