NPD and brand development with mums of ‘picky eaters’

The challenge

As part of its innovation strategy, a global healthcare company needed to decide how to launch a kids’ oral nutritional supplement for ‘picky eaters’ into the consumer health space. To support the NPD process, our approach defined both the functional and emotional benefits that a new ONS product would need to deliver.

Our solution

We carried out ethnographic research in which researchers observed mealtimes at the homes of families with children who were picky eaters. We then worked with the client to explore the implications of our findings for the NPD process, before convening a series of group discussions with mums of picky eaters from infancy to junior school age.

In the focus groups, we tested initial reactions to a prototype product and explored barriers to take-up that mums identified. We went on to support the client’s innovation team in expanding the concept and its positioning, distilling it into executions for valuable quant testing.

The outcome

We built a rich understanding of the emotional landscape and healthcare needs that mums of picky eaters face. Through qualitative research we identified unmet needs, key challenges, and points of differentiation to address in the NPD process.

The client was able to successfully diversify, and a few years after launch, it is a serious player in this new market.

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