Predicting the appeal of a service offering

Our client, a global leader in the IT industry, was in the process of redefining its SME computer service proposition, to bring it in line with customer preferences.

The challenge

The team needed to understand what would maximise uptake, and how the channel would respond to its repositioning. They chose to work with us because we offer not only expertise in their sector, but also many years’ experience interviewing B2B resellers and SMBs, in major and developing markets all over the world.

Our solution

We developed a multi-phased programme that gave us an all-round view. We started with a programme of semi-structured interviews with channel partners, and followed this with an online survey that covered a wide cross-section of SME decision-makers in many different industry sectors, and a comprehensive spread of global markets. This mix of methodologies helped us arrive at a detailed understanding of needs, and a clear idea of the strategy our client should take, to maximise channel support for the new offering.

The outcome

As a result of our work, the client was able to identify the key features needed for the service package. We developed a clear, story-based report combining the findings from both stages and provide actionable and clear insights. These have allowed our client them to improve both its portfolio and its overall market share.

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