Product innovation through customer closeness

Helping a leading brewery to profitably develop and extend its portfolio 

The challenge

A leading global brewer needed to get really close to its target market. It hope that by unearthing new insights, it would drive innovation of its most traditional premium ale brands.

Our solution

After working with the client to fully immerse key stakeholders in the research process, we used a digital forum, in-home ethnography and pub safaris to build a detailed  picture of the role of ale in consumers’ lives. We identified current brand perceptions amongst both existing and new customers, and created a bank of resonant language to use in concept development and comms – including POS and packaging

The outcome

The client was encouraged to revolutionise and refine its premium ale portfolio. They created an innovative ale concept that would resonate with both traditional and contemporary beer drinkers. In doing so, they breathed new life into their most traditional brand

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