Putting behavioural science to work

We trained our client team on behavioural science for improved research design principles: from survey invites to better question techiques, and much more.

The challenge
One of our clients in the transport sector recognised the importance and value of behavioural science theory but had little experience in this area. They needed detailed guidance on optimising questionnaires and survey invitations, the right tone of voice to use, how to introduce gamification, and best practice in communications testing.

Our solution
We delivered a day-long workshop which was carefully designed to create an engaging and informative session, with individual and group activities throughout.

To ensure that the session was relevant we used the client’s own survey materials as examples; using behavioural science frameworks and gamification techniques to create better research tools.

Following the workshop we provided further recommendations to improve these surveys, as well as reading to build on learning.

The outcome
Our client team thoroughly enjoyed the session, and now have the understanding to implement the principles for themselves. As a result, the insight they gain will be more accurate and more actionable.

But additionally, the improvement in the research experience they create will impact positively on their relationship with their customers and potential customers.

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