Refining brand positioning to inform strategy in the plant-based category

Working in the nutrition sector to help a client position its brand to grow in a new market category while remaining relevant to its heartland market.

The challenge
The protein category landscape is changing, and our client needed to capitalise on the opportunities it presents, in order to stay relevant and grow. At the same time, their brand had to stay credible and grounded in science and healthcare. They wanted to refine their brand positioning and product messaging, as well as developing a plant-based offer and launch strategy

Our solution
We designed an approach spanning analysis of the cultural context, to recommended positioning and potential execution.

First, a semiotic read of the category gave us the wider cultural perspective, and identified the ideas and beliefs it communicates. We used these learnings to inform a programme of consumer focus groups in the UK and Spain, drawing on behavioural science principles to help think beyond the rational, uncover deeper beliefs and motivations.

In the analysis phase we worked through the narrative to present a clear picture of the protein category landscape, and a detailed understanding of different emotional motivations for protein use.

The outcome
We developed a consumer typology, and worked closely with the client to build the foundations of a strategy from it, using some types to influence others.  We also provided clear and actionable direction on positioning, flavour and pack development for the core range and the client’s planned plant-based variant.  The client is now putting our recommendations into practice.

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