RNLI – A market segmentation of paddlers to save lives

Successful communication requires an full understanding of the audience(s). We provided the RNLI with a vivid market segmentation of canoeists and kayakers, which they used to craft targeted messages as part of their prominent national safety campaign.

The challenge

The RNLI wanted to improve the safety of ‘paddlers’ through a range of messages . In order to do this it was vital to know who the most at risk segments were, what behaviours they displayed, what messages would resonate, and how best to communicate with them.

The Breaking Blue solution

We conducted over 1000 interviews with kayakers, also training up RNLI staff to conduct interviews themselves to capture attitudes. We followed this up with a number of depth interviews, focus groups, observations and intercepts with a range of stakeholders to add personality and individual experiences, helping to bring the segments to life.


We gave the RNLI a meaningful market segmentation of paddlers into 6 groups, ranging from novices to thrill seekers. From this the RNLI was able to create campaigns and messages encouraging paddlers to continue to enjoy their sport safely.

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