Segmenting the market for babycare products

We segmented the babycare market globally for a consumer healthcare brand based on needs, attitudes and behaviours in order to help inform future brand strategy.

The challenge

Our client, a global consumer healthcare company, needed to know more about its babycare customers. They chose to work with us to understand needs, attitudes and behaviours in this part of the consumer health landscape, and to create a platform that would both target existing brands, and inform future global and local innovation.

Our solution

We proposed a customer segmentation involving quantitative interviewing across 13 countries, using a combination of online and personal interviews.  We used leading edge Latent Class Analysis and extensive experimentation to arrive at the best solution.  We then delivered workshop sessions involving the client team to get early buy-in to the solution among stakeholders: this included selecting the best solution and choosing names for segments to ensure that our solution was one that the team could work with. We also produced algorithms in order to identify the segments in future research.

The outcome

Our research informed our client’s overall strategy in the sector, including brand positioning and product development. We identified of seven types of mum that exist across the majority of markets globally, outlining their different views on motherhood, consumer health and the world, and their different needs from babycare products. The segmentation became central to the client’s global babycare strategy.

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