Sizing the market for a new investment product

We work regularly with one of the most successful investment providers, to help them develop products that meet investor needs.

The challenge

Our client identified four segments of the population that they viewed as key targets for their products. They needed to measure the size of these segments, as well as to understand their savings attitudes and behaviours.

Our solution

An online survey with a nationally representative sample of 4,000 consumers gave us data that we used to build a market sizing model. The model gave an accurate picture of the investable assets and savings behaviour of the entire UK population. Overlaying Experian Mosaic™ segmentation data made the model even more powerful, by allowing us to build a far more in-depth profile of each segment. We validated the results and cross-checked them against multiple other data sources. They were shown to be extremely accurate.

The outcome

Our client used the model and their greatly increased understanding to develop its products in line with the needs of each segment. Excitingly, they now also have a tool they can use to measure the investable assets of any segment of the UK population. This allows them to gauge the likely appeal and viability of any new product or service in development.

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