Staking a claim on the largest e-commerce market in Europe

A global logistics operator wanted to reposition itself in the UK B2C parcel market.  It needed to understand its target audience and identify where opportunities lay, to position itself as the market leader.

The challenge

E-commerce is driving growth in the parcel market: more and more purchases are made online, product diversity continues to increase, and consumers expect streamlined global purchases.

To shape a bold new UK strategy, a global logistics brand needed detailed and wide-ranging understanding of customers’ needs and expectations. They also needed an objective but three-dimensional understanding of their brand’s own position within the market.

Our solution

We quantified consumer attitudes, behaviours and perceptions of the UK parcel market through a robust online survey which compared our client to key competitors. To add depth and value, we also collected video vox pops that gave a voice to individual consumer opinions, and added colour to the behavioural metrics we had already collected.

Next, we conducted a programme of online group discussions in a range of remote rural locations, and face-to-face focus groups in cities across all 4 UK nations. These gave us valuable qualitative insights into consumers’ provider selection across a geographic spread of the population.

The outcome

We gave the client a comprehensive picture of the UK marketplace, as well as an understanding of the brand’s strengths, of gaps in their service quality, and the implications for the business.

Most importantly, we provided the team with robust, actionable recommendations, which they used to position the brand more effectively as the new strategy went live.

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