Surveying global key accounts to identify growth opportunities

We helped a high-performance materials manufacturer to go from decline to unprecedented growth in a key geography

The challenge

Our client is a global market leader who provides high-performance materials to the food, construction materials, paper, textiles and adhesives markets. They were seeing a downturn in revenues and profitability – and were understandably keen to reverse these trends.

Our solution

We worked with the CEO and senior management team to develop hypotheses about barriers to growth, then designed a detailed global survey of key accounts to gain the customer perspective. In addition to understanding their take on these issues, we identified additional, previously unrecognised factors, which proved critical to our client’s future success.
We provided a clear understanding of the critical issues. Our report clearly documented what was driving change, the significance of opportunities and threats, and a detailed view of trends, performance relative to competition, critical success factors and priorities for future development.

The outcome

The business went on to streamline and restructure its sales operations, switching to a distribution partnership to cover a key geography that was in decline. That region’s now experiencing unprecedented growth. We’re working on a key account and channel partner survey to identify what’s driving success, and advise the business on replicating it in other regions.

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