Understanding brand conversion from promotional activity

We worked with a well-known beer, wines and spirit (BWS) brand to measure its success in engaging a minority audience, and guided our client towards a more meaningful consumer relationship.

The challenge

Our client was developing a UK marketing strategy to boost a well-known rum brand. Their team needed brand research to understand whether the promotional events they were creating were impacting awareness, trail and usage among consumers.

Our solution

We designed a robust programme of quantitative branding research.

Through over 700 online and face-to-face in-street interviews, we measured the impact of brand ambassadors, music events and social media in a competitive marketplace, comparing a test city with a control sample.

We used brand conversion and correspondence mapping to map the relationship between awareness, trail and usage across key sub-groups. We were able to demonstrate that the client’s brand is distinctive when compared with the competitor set, and to drill down into brand advocacy at a truly granular level.

The outcome

Our brand research was the basis of in-depth understanding of the way consumers experienced the brand through these promotional events. We recommended improvements to the client’s below-the-line marketing approach in the future, and our insights have allowed them to create a more meaningful relationship with students. They now aim to roll out the optimised brand activation strategy across the whole of the UK market.

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