Understanding how best to position a new food product

The challenge

Apetito had developed a new product line: a range of small-portioned meals, designed for elderly people who need nutrition-rich meals, either to counter a small appetite, or to help with weight loss. They came to us needing to understand how to position the new line in a way that would maximise influence both on customers and carers.

Our solution

We realised that we’d need to understand how the target market responded to the product in the environment they’d typically be eating it in. With this in mind, we carried out a programme of taste tests at a range of care homes and elderly participants’ own homes – with participants including current users, non-users, carers and other care home staff. After working with the client to develop a positioning for the new line, we conducted a series of face-to-face follow up interviews with a fresh sample, to test that positioning and further refine it.

The outcome

We gave apetito a clear understanding of responses to the evolved product and concept, and guidance to make the most of the opportunity that the launch presented.  We also provided direction for brochure design, and recommendations for the language to use in communications.

Since our research findings have been implemented, the product range has gone from strength to strength and has exceeded expectations.

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