Understanding protection through employer and consumer closeness

A fresh approach to a long-standing marketing challenge: unpicking the drivers of financial protection

The challenge

Swiss Re needed to understand consumers’ and employers’ real motivations when they buy insurance and protection. Specifically, we wanted to know what drives their needs and preferences: not just their behaviour, but why they do things.

Our solution

We identified groups of people with different needs, attitudes and habits when it came to insurance and protection, creating a statistical segmentation of consumers, and an employer typology.  We went on to conduct ethnographic research with these different groups of consumers and employers, understanding in particular how different generations within the same family thought about ‘protection,’ and how they made sure they had enough of it.

The outcome

Swiss Re used the report we produced as a tool in individual, tactical and brand marketing activities, as well as in discussions with other key influencers such as the FCA. Our fresh approach to a long-standing marketing challenge led to our being shortlisted for best financial services research at the MRS Awards, and for the Financial Services Forum Marketing Effectiveness Awards too.

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