Understanding shoppers’ needs from health products

Leveraging the evolving health needs of shoppers.

The challenge

Tesco were developing their non-dairy offer, and needed research to understand shoppers’ health considerations, in particular as they relate to staples like milk, yogurt and cheese. In particular, Alpro and Tesco needed to understand what ‘health’ meant to shoppers in this context, and how important this was, relative to other factors like price and variety. At the same time, they needed to test the Alpro/ Tesco health proposition within the category.

Our solution

We designed a programme of highly interactive focus groups, including both shoppers with a lactose intolerance or health conditions, and shoppers who chose plant-based products as a healthier alternative to dairy. We asked about reasons for cutting out dairy, views on current ranging, and much more. Timings were very tight: we provided an insightful deck and video footage within a week of the focus groups.

The outcome

We provided Tesco and Alpro with an in-depth read on reactions to trends, health concerns, and product categories. We also made recommendations about their messaging, packaging and areas for further innovation, all based on actionable insight.

We left the client with all the information they need to quantify the key themes, and turn all the insight into category activation in the near future.

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